Sunday, August 5, 2007

Quick Hit on Bonds and 755

There really isn't a fresh take on Bonds tying Aaron's HR record and those who want to know my feelings on Bonds can check out this earlier post. The whole steroid issue doesn't really phase me and I am turned off by all the people that make Bonds out to be the world's biggest villain and who act like Bonds breaking the record is the greatest injustice in the history of man. Those fans holding up asterisk signs, who undoubtedly thought they were extremely clever, are nothing more than petty, self-appointed, self-important, arbiters of morality and fairness. How does Bonds hitting 755 negatively effect their lives in any way? None. So stop getting so worked up over it!

I thought the most interesting reaction was that of Bud Selig, who upon watching the ball clear the leftfield wall, did not clap or smile, but rather he exhibited signs of relief that this whole circus is almost over.

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