Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Pro Bowlers Wear Shoes that Won't Scuff a Freshly Waxed Floor currently has the following link on their homepage..."Colts expected to release former Pro Bowler Simon". Why can't the NFL just get on board with all other major American sports and call their top players "All Stars"? Now I have followed football for twenty years and for 5 seconds after reading the aforementioned headline, I honestly believed that the Colts had released a professional bowler. I truly thought that there was a dude in Colts camp, who made his living hurling a heavy ball at ten pins, in a forward facing triangle formation.

I'll accept seventy five percent of the blame for my own stupidity. However, such misunderstandings would never happen if the NFL didn't give such stupid titles to their best players.


Jimer said...

The remaining 25% of blame must go on that evil, despicable sport you northerners call baseball.

Pete Weber said...

I got a try out from a semi-pro team once