Tuesday, August 21, 2007

C. Beltran Reality Tour

People have been real down on Carlos Beltran this year. Mets fans have been questioning his heart and SYHD contributor Tremont insinuated that he was not a good free agent signing. In my response to Tremont's post I said that everyone should reserve judgment at least until this season is over, and Beltran is finally proving me wise.

Despite playing through various injuries for much of the year and spending over two weeks on the DL, Beltran is on pace to hit 32 HR and drive in 100 runs. Now as you know, I'm not a big counting stats guy, but if Beltran were to stay on this pace he would be only the 6th switch hitter to ever sock 30 or more home runs and knock in 100 or more RBI in consecutive seasons. The other 5? Chipper Jones, Eddie Murray, Mark Teixeira, Lance Berkman, and the immortal Tony Clark. Outside of Tony the Tiger, that's some pretty impressive company- Not even the Mick completed this feat. Plus throw in the fact that Beltran plays a top notch centerfield and you have yourself a very very valuable baseball player.

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