Monday, August 6, 2007

Congrats To Tommy Strikeout

The weekend of milestone's ended last night with Tommy Glavine capturing his 300th career win. As a Mets fan I would like to congratulate Tommy and hopefully the MLB Hall of Fame committee will now see fit to elect Tommy into Cooperstown as a Metropolitan (Yeah right). The best part about Glavine winning #300 is that we will no longer be subjected to shots of Glavine's mother Millie (seen in this photo in between Glavine's wife and son). I mean yikes! You would think that in anticipation of her son's milestone victory she would have gotten a little more TV ready.

On the contrary, I will miss the gratuitous cut aways to Glavine's wife. Here at SYHD we often comment on athletes significant others, but here is a case where Glavine has pulled at the exact level he should have. She is attractive, looks young for her age, and remains thin. What more can you ask for? Her only glaring deficiency? While she was interviewed during Glavine's last start she kept using the plural "we" when discussing her husband's quest to win #300. Unless she taught him his change up or dissected his mechanics on a nightly basis (not in a sexual sense) I don't think she can really take credit for his accomplishments.

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