Wednesday, August 22, 2007

That Stephon Marbury Says the Darndest Things

Well, the world was anxiously awaiting Starbury's take on the Michael Vick situation and as per usual the self-anointed best point guard in the world did not disappoint. He referred to dogfighting as a sport and compared it to another sport that kills animals- hunting. And I must say that he makes a somewhat compelling point. Like dog fighting, hunting involves the killing of animals, is to animals if the animal is not killed instantly, and is perpetrated solely for human enjoyment. Marbury's argument loses some steam when one considers that dog fighting also involves the torture of dogs, the killing of dogs not for sport but rather because they are not good fighters, and betting- the reason the practice exists at all. I'm sure there are sidebets made during a hunt, but that action is collateral to the real reason that people go hunting- drinking beer and bitching about women (it's really like redneck golf).

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