Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I Heart Cashman

I should have written this post a week or two ago, but I am completely on board with everything Brian Cashman has done over the past month. The following are his accomplishments since July.

1) Revamping the bullpen- I particularly love how he has rammed Joba Chamberlain and Edwar Ramirez down Joe Torre's rookie-hating throat. Getting rid of Scott Proctor, Mike Myers, and Brian Bruney has forced Torre to use the kids in big spots. I also like that Cashman has Torre under strict orders not to use Chamberlain on consecutive days. Perhaps such a cut and dried rule is a bit excessive, but without it Joba would be logging 2 innings per game.

2) Not trading any prospects for a 2 month stopgap. The Rangers wanted Melky Cabrera or Ian Kennedy to rent Eric Gagne. That would have been a mistake on many levels. It speaks to Cashman's integrity that with his job on the line, he didn't make the short-sighted move.

3) Trading Scott Proctor for Wilson Betemit- I have already covered this, but Betemit gives the Yankees a better option at 1st base, a quality back up at the other three infield positions, a reason to dump Miguel (another inexplicable Torre favorite), and insurance against A-Rod leaving. Also, Proctor's innings are now being pitched, more capably, by Chamberlain.

4) Acquiring Jose Molina- The Yankees' last quality back-up catcher was Jorge Posada in 1997. Molina's presense means giving Posada a day off doesn't guarantee an 0-fer out of the catcher spot.

5) Giving Shelly Duncan a shot AND sticking with him- It beats trading for Jeff Conine's ashes.

If Cashman returns after this season, I hope he has the plums to let Joe Torre go. Then I would totally marry him.

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