Monday, August 6, 2007

Inexplicable Injury of the Night

Luis Castillo had to leave last night's game because of heat exhaustion. This is a little dumbfounding because he was born and raised in the Dominican Republic and played in south Florida for 10 seasons, thus he has had plenty of experience playing games in sweltering conditions. While maybe I would have some compassion for the man guess if he couldn't take being under the hot sun after running around the bases four times, but get this...yesterday's game was played at night! From my rudimentary knowledge of science, I believe the air temperature is cooler once the sun goes down. Man, maybe Castillo had gotten too used to playing in that cushy climate controlled piece of shizzle known as the Metrodome, but he has only been a Twin for the past season and a half. Can one lose his tolerance to play in 85 degree weather that quickly? Plus it's not like he plays all of his games in climate controlled stadiums. He's played quite a few outdoor games in summer weather conditions since leaving the Marlins. The likely explanation? That punching Judy Castillo hit two doubles yesterday and since his legs haven't had to move that much in one game in years, his body simply broke down. It's the equivalent of making a sprinter run a 5K.

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Jimer said...

I left work this morning from LexisNexis exhaustion.