Wednesday, August 29, 2007

More on Mets Mediocrity

A few more Mets thoughts, while I fight the urge to imagine Joba Chamberlain's Hall of Fame plaque.

  • After a season and a half of Mets fans thinking that their team had rewritten the book on team chemistry, the Mets are back to simply being the sum of their parts. Nothing more, nothing less. Tell me again how Jose Reyes's infectious energy raises his teammates level of play. Remind me about how Paul LoDuca's olive oil voice and Guinea charm soothes the upstart Mets and keeps them poised throughout the season. It was nonsense then; It is laughable now. I don't care how many circle jerks go down in the Metsies clubhouse.
  • Mookie touched on this earlier, but the Mets really have a subpar bullpen at this point. For a year and a half, they managed to cobble together an outstanding bullpen with Billy Wagner and a completely forgettable supporting cast. They have pretty much all turned into pumpkins at this point.
  • I know this response is very late, but I reject Mookie's premise that I was wrong about Carlos Beltran. The guy does nothing for months on end and then goes completely unconscious for two weeks. He usually has some nagging injury that prevents him from playing at his best. Besides, I never said he wasn't an excellent player. I said that with his one bad year, one good year, and one up and down year, he has not lived up to his contract.

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