Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Mets Bullpen Stinks (Please forgive my lack of a witty headline)

The Mets bullpen blew yet another led today and took the loss in extra innings. There is not one arm outside of HillBilly Wagner that I feel one modicum of confidence in and even Wagner has been very shaky during his 2 week dead arm period. The starters rarely go past the 6th inning meaning that the fate of this team will ultimately fall on the arms of Jorge Sosa, Aaron Heilman, Pedro Feliciano, Guillermo Mota, and Scott Schoeneweis, all of whom have done their best Mel Rojas impressions this year. Law of averages dictates that this is an unusually frigid period for the pen and that at some point they have to get better and even hold a lead, but I just do not have a lot of faith in the cast of clowns trotting out of Franco's tomato patch. Sosa is consistently inconsistent, Heilman has an alarming propensity to give up the long ball, Feliciano is strictly a situational lefty with occasional control problems, Mota is a mental midget who implodes when a runner reaches base, and Schoeneweis is perhaps the least effective pitcher known to man. Makes me yearn for the days of Jerry Dipoto and Doug Henry and sadly unlike the Yankees, there are no Joba Chamberlains on the way.

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