Thursday, August 16, 2007

Football Outside the SEC

I want to preface this article by explaining that I am a Gator fan and some of my arguments might seem biased, however, everything is supported by facts and logic. I am so sick of people jerking off USC and the Pac-10. Today, ESPN released an article explaining that 15 out of the 16 "so called experts" picked USC to win the National Championship Game. Although this might come true, is it really that impressive? Have you seen USC's schedule? I think my co-ed flag football team could get by with at least .500 record. I understand that going undefeated in college football is a tough accomplishment, but I can honestly say that I will not be that impressed if USC does it. It is like Chris-Rock's stand up routine where people in the ghetto are bragging because they feed their kids and have not been to jail, "You are suppose to do that." If you look at USC's schedule compared to UF, UF's three hardest games (LSU, Auburn, and Tennessee) are more difficult than any game on USC's schedule (yes I think all three of these teams are better than always overrated California, just ask Tennessee last year and "good for one upset" UCLA). You could also make a valid argument that UF's 4-6 games (FSU, Georgia, and South Carolina) are tougher than any game USC plays all year long. If you flipped schedules, I would be surprised if USC gets through UF's schedule with less than 2 losses. I would also be surprised if UF (whom I do not even think is going to be that good this year) lost more than 1 game on that schedule. Looking at the pre-season rankings, 2 of the top 3 teams, 5 of the top 15 teams, and 6 of the top 20 teams, all come from the SEC. USC plays 3 teams in the top 25 (Cal, UCLA, and Nebraska). Every year these teams have high expectations and lower results. UF plays 5 teams in the top 21, and another top 5 -10 team if they make it to the SEC Championship again. I know that this article is focusing solely on USC, but that is just because they are put at the top right now. I can make the argument against any team outside the SEC. For example, if you forced any team in the nation last year to play UF's schedule, not one team finishes undefeated, and not many, if any, finish with just one loss. UF got through the nation's hardest schedule with one loss and people where still going to put USC in the title game until they choked against UCLA. What was the justification for that? "Oh UF is barely winning their games." Screw that, as UCLA can tell you, a win is a win, especially when you are playing that tough of a schedule. Although I do not think the UF will win the SEC this year, and I might not even watch college football since "the experts" already know USC is going to win, I would like to give an early congratulations to USC for being successful against a schedule that does not feature one team with a winning record last year against ranked opponents. Who knows, maybe I will get to play against you next year in my co-ed flag football championship game.

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