Friday, August 24, 2007

Kendall Jettisoned

If the Jets were going to play hardball with guard Pete Kendall and not pay him an extra mil (which really isn't that much for a team which is under the cap) why wouldn't they bring in a player a bit more competent than Adrian Clarke and Jacob Bender? Furthermore, after assessing that Clarke and Bender suck at blocking defensive lineman (a fairly important task for offensive lineman), wouldn't be prudent to try to mend fences with Kendall who is no longer a great player, but is still much better than the other options? Letting Kendall go simply to prove a point and adhere to their principle on renegotiationing seems extremely counterproductive considering how important the offensive line is to this team. They desperately need a strong run game so that Pennington can play to his strengths (play action passes and a short controlled passing game) and they need a strong pass blocking line to protect the fragile Chad 'O. By plugging these not ready for prime time players into the line, the team may be seriously hindering both of it's perceived offensive strengths.

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