Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Moose of the Mets

The scouting reports and results of Pedro Martinez's rehab starts have been lukewarm at best. His fastball sits at 85 and rarely even touches 88. His secondary stuff is not as electric as it once was. It looks as though the Mets will be rolling out their own version of Mike Mussina in September.

This is a big blow to the Mets, as Tom Glavine has devolved into mediocrity personified and the league seems to have caught up to John Maine and his seemingly average stuff. Their two best pitchers are Oliver Perez (a guy whose combined ERA in '05 and '06 was MORE THAN 6.00!) and a 41 (+ 3?) year old who never stays healthy and is coming off of consecutive subpar seasons. If the National League wasn't diarrhea, the Mets would be in big trouble. As it stands, they are in first place by 5 games. And people think the NBA's Eastern Conference is bad!

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