Monday, August 27, 2007

It's the End of the World As I Know It

Well, I officially start my legal career today. While I am somewhat excited to get my first paycheck I am going to miss my lifestyle the past few months when I did absolutely nothing. Unfortunately, as a result I my new employment I will not be able to start slacking off for at least a week so my daytime posts will drop off for a little while. Once I realize how much work I actually need to do just to get by I'll get back to posting TWICE a day.


Jimer said...

Welcome to hell.

mookie's new employer said...

you'll be lucky if you get to blog on a monthly basis... can't wait to see your 60 billable hours the first week.

mookie said...

Fuck you new employer. You will be lucky if I don't terry tate your ass. Take this job and shove it. I've got an intramural wiffle ball league to run.