Thursday, August 16, 2007

Ejection Connection

Jemele Hill, a writer for ESPN's Page 2, made a brilliant point on that dopey First Take show. She argued that the media is treating Bobby Cox's breaking of the record for most career ejections as a charming story. They almost act as if owning this record is a tribute to the feisty, old codger. The fact that he is an alcoholic with a history of spousal abuse is completely ignored, as if his hair-trigger temper isn't a common thread between domestic violence and his ejections.

Juxtapose Cox's media coverage with the way they discuss Rasheed Wallace. Wallace is treated as a loose cannon, a menace with no self control for getting tossed out of games. THE EXACT SAME REASON COX IS GLORIFIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you don't think that race, at least subconsciously, is a factor in the disparate coverage of these two men, you are absolutely lost.

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