Wednesday, August 8, 2007


Honest question: Can one of our SYHD Mets fans tell me why I shouldn't think Robinson Cano is every bit the player that Jose Reyes and David Wright are? Please spare me irrelevant drivel like "Reyes is the most exciting player in baseball" and "David Wright plays the game the way it should be played". My purpose is not to trash the great young Mets players. It is to say that Cano is wildly underrated in relation to them.

Side note: I don't want to hear another thing about over-hyped Yankees prospects. Since 2005, their farm system has graduated Robinson Cano, Chien Ming Wang, and Melky Cabrera. All of them flew fairly under the radar on their journey to the big leagues. Still 24, Cano is the second best second baseman in baseball and he was never considered a can't miss prospect. Wang was the runner-up for last year's AL Cy Young Award and scouts said he was a back of the rotation guy. Melky is 22 and is already an above average starting centerfielder. He was projected to be a 4th outfielder in his prime. If anything, Yankees prospects have been systematically under-hyped.


Chien Ming Wang said...

Enough with the pictures of me in my cheerleading outfit!

Mookie said...

2007 WARP3

Cano: 10.2
Wright: 10.6
Reyes: 10.6

I'll take Wright and Reyes...Thank you

Cheer Ming Wang said...

I'm fabulous!

Mookie said...

Plus it's my understanding that SB's are underrated in the WARP formula.

Also, Reyes would be able to play a good 2b, while I doubt Cano could play a serviceable SS.