Monday, July 2, 2007

Who's Now? Who Cares?

Sports Center is becoming sillier than this blog. Last week, they ran their excruciating "My Wish" series. Now they have decided to waste more air time, with a completely frivolous 32 athlete tournament to "determine who is the ultimate sports star by considering both on-field success and off-field buzz". Terrific.

Today Stuart Scott and the panel consisting of Keyshawn Johnson, Kirk Herbstreit (Really? Kirk Herbstreit?), and Michael Wilbon debated whether Dwyane Wade or Shaun White was "now". Keyshawn Johnson admitted to not knowing who Shaun White was until today. It's good to see our panel is on the ball. I must report that this was less than compelling television. It seems that Sports Center is planning on investing about 10 minutes per show on this drivel for the rest of the month.

To make matters worse, I bet you could come to a consensus on "who's now" with your friends in about 30 seconds. By the standards they created, Tiger Woods HAS TO be the winner; And I hate golf. I wouldn't even watch the Masters, if Tiger and Phil were tied on the 72nd hole. However, to be fair, I have to admit that nobody comes near his combination of success within his sport and pop culture status.

One could make a case that Roger Federer and Floyd Mayweather (who's not even in the stupid tournament) are as dominant in their sport, but nobody gives a shit about seeing pictures of their babies. Lebron may rival Tiger Woods's celebrity, but he doesn't have the sports credentials to measure up yet.

So there it is. Debate settled. Tiger is "now". Please spare us the hours of bad television.

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The Great Antonio said...

Triola, Great call. The "Who's Now" right now ( on July 6th) is Dale Earnhardt Jr. vs. Chuck Liddell. Ridiculous...