Monday, July 16, 2007

Mixed Feelings

Comic/actor Kevin James, who is an avid Mets and Jets fan, has named his second daughter Shea in honor of the soon to be torn down Shea Stadium(thanks to The Big Lead for throwing up the link). Part of me loves this and loves Kevin James (in a strictly nonsexual way) for doing it. It's always nice to see a B+ list star support my favorite teams in such a public way, but should the name Shea be off limits for Mets fans. Here's the thing- Chipper Jones, who is hitting something like .750 lifetime at Shea, also named his kid after the blue-ish purple-ish ballpark a few years back. Why? Mainly because LAAAAAAAARY had always raked in Flushing and the Braves of the late 1990's/early 2000's made the Mets their personal bitch almost every year. Thus Jones basically flipped the bird to every Met fan by naming his baby girl Shea, so shouldn't a true die hard shun the name Shea? I mean what Met head would want his kid to share a name with one of Jones' legitimized children? At the same time, if the name Shea were to go the way of Adolf, wouldn't that really be letting the enemy win? By James naming his daughter Shea, he has signaled to Mets fans that it's alright to name their children after their (and my) beloved eyesore, thus hopefully diluting the impact of Jones' baby naming choice. Hopefully James does not name his next daughter Meadowlands

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