Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Quick Thought On "Who's Now"

I finally realized what bugs me so much about ESPN's "Who's Now" segment. Not one bit of it is done tongue in cheek. The analysis for this ridiculous bracket is seemingly done in 100% complete seriousness. You need a guy like Skip Bayless in all his contrarianess arguing with a wink and a smile that Michael Phelps is "more now" than Lebron James. Instead you have Kirk Herbstreet legitimately trying to compare Vince Young's 6 wins last year against Maria Sharapova's endorsement contracts. This could have potentially been a fun, fake-serious segment (albeit it would have to be much abridged), but instead ESPN is not in on it's own joke and really seems to think that this bracket has cultural relevance.

Ok, I'm off to take the bar. Lates. (I rushed this post so sorry for grammatical errors or typos, I'll revise it later, but I just wanted to get some content up for Jimer)

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Jimer said...

Greatly appreciated, Mook. Your dedication has been duly noted.

I agree with your take.