Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Boy That Brady Quinn is Photogenic

Mondesi's House first posted this photo of Brady Quinn and ex-Poison lead singer Bret Michaels and while The Big Lead and Deadspin have both given it some lip service, we'd be remiss not to pop it up on our site as well. Why? Because Brady Quinn photos always get us a ton of Google image search hits. How many of those bicurious web surfers do we retain? Probably none unless they enjoy junior high school level writing, puns, Hank Aaron bashing and one-liners. I also wanted to put the photo up for our loyal reader Jimer, whose entire trip into the blogosphere begins and ends with SYHD. Without us, he would never know that Brady is so attracted to lead singers of defunct 80's hair bands (Vince Neil, you're next!). Lastly, this photo is here because I think there is something inherently hilarious about Brady Quinn in pseudo homosexual/homosexual candid photo ops. Has this guy ever taken a straight picture??

(Note: Where were Brady and Michaels hanging? Looks like a party in some high school kid's basement. Maybe the photo was snapped in between rounds of Asshole.)

Update: It seems that the Michaels/Quinn picture was just the tip of one big gay iceberg. Video footage has materialized of Quinn and Browns RT Ryan Tucker on stage with Bret Michaels and his back-up band (if Rikki Rockett isn't on stage I refuse to call them Poison) singing "Nothin But a Good Time"- and by singing I mean Brady is moving around awkwardly waiting for the chorus to kick in. God bless you Brady Quinn. Check out the video here. Thanks to Kissing Suzy Kolber for posting this up.


Jimer said...

Hey, at least Brett is an improvement from that hog he took to the NFL draft.

Brady Quinn will be Ron Zook in 20 years. Mark my words.

Jimer said...