Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Isiah Has Some Huge Artesticles

According to Cnnsi, via fannation, via the NY Post, the NY Knicks are thinking of moving the expiring contracts of Dan Dickau and Freddy Jones for a swingman and that swingman might be..wait for it...wait for it...Ron Ron Artest! Let it be known that Ron Ron is my favorite player in the NBA, largely because he played for St. John's, but also because his bull in the china shop style of play coupled with his volatility makes him immensely entertaining. I wanted to Knicks to draft Artest instead of that posterized Frenchman and have been advocating for the Knickerbockers to acquire him ever since. Artest would be the perfect fit for this Knicks team as he would add toughness and defense to a squad that lacked both last year. Also Artest can hit the open three, handle the ball, and is effective in both the low and high post. Of course, he has some well documented attitude issues, but he has generally been a happy camper for a year before self destructing. Coupling Artest and Randolph would also provide the NY tabloids with endless fodder and NY strip clubs with endless business. It's a win/win any way you look at it.


jimer said...

At what price? Are you prepared to sacrifice David Lee's minutes?

Mookie said...

David Lee would be my 6th man and would get a lot of minutes. I think it would prob hurt Balkman more than anything, but maybe you can slot Artest at the 2 and the 4 sometimes depending on matchups on the floor.