Tuesday, July 31, 2007

More blatant misuse of the word "humbled"

This is something that has bothered me for ages, and I sadly feel that i'm the only person that ever notices it. In todays New York Post, this was a statement by Tom Glavine, in reference to his quest for his 300th career victory tonight. "Its the greatest measuring stick for starting pitchers. To have the opportunity is something i'm really excited about and certainly very humbled by."

Thomas, how does this humble you? The opportunity to join 22 of the greatest pitchers in the history of the game, and quite possibly be the last 300-winner ever makes you feel more humble? Wouldnt something like having 225 of those wins scratched from the record because baseball feels that umpires cheated to help you win, and at the same time never being able to do anything except give up home runs for the rest of your career humble you? That sounds more accurate.

I don't get why people say things like "having all of these thousands of people here to see me perform, and to honor my career - its just very humbling." One person that i've heard say something to this effect is Bono. It just comes off as disengenuous.

Someone agree with me, please.


POD said...

Agreed. Another classic example of the misuse of words...kinda like 'classic' or karma

Jason said...

dude, this is something that has been bothering me for years. finally, after two sports figures at the same time misused the word "humbled," I had to do a google. Your blog post was search result #1 on google for "misuse of word humbled." The situtation I just witnessed during the hornets/pistons nba game... Chris Paul (hornets point guard) received dozens of hand-made flyers made by elementary students in new orleans promoting him as this year's MVP of the league. his reaction, "i am deeply humbled." the sports announcer following chris's statement, "chris says he is humbled, and that is certainly the most appropriate word!" get these guys a dictionary!! I think the most humbling experience Chris had today was his pathetic play with a sprained ankle. Now that IS humbling.

Dave said...

Could not agree more. maybe ane example of group think where these simple sportspeople or tehir handlers hear this spouted every now and then and they thik it sounds goo.

Alexander said...

I had to google before I found anything on this. It bothers me more when politicians use it after they've been elected or chosen for some high office. You hear the usage so much it must have a history.

thefirestorm said...

Check out Stephon Marbury using the "humbling experience" correctly on espn.com!!
Maybe he's not so bad..

Bill Bethard said...

Two years too late, but I agree 100%. I googled "misuse of the phrase to feel humbled" and found your comment.

GREAT observation

Joe said...

Just wanted to pile on! I found this page when I Googled "humbled" and "misuse". Until now, I was starting to think, like the author of this post, that I was the only one who noticed this usage and was infuriated by it.

Don't get me wrong, there's lots of English usage "mistakes" that aren't really mistakes, just natural evolution of the language... like using "Google" as a verb! But using "humbled" in the situations described above is just perverse. It defies logic. GAH!

Here's my guess on how this usage came about: relative unknowns winning big awards (say, Oscars) would correctly say that they were humbled when they compared themselves to all the legendary people that had won before them. Then, somehow, people started getting the idea that winning the award, in itself, was somehow a humbling experience. WTH?

m hagan said...

Oh NO! President Obama said he is "deeply humbled" by receiving the Nobel Peace Prize.
The misuse of humbled is a pet peeve of my husbands and mine. I think "humbled" has become the new "honored". We attended a graduation where a family member introduced the commencement speaker. He listed all of this teachers' many accomplishments. When the teacher took the podium, he said "Thank you so much for your kind words. They were very humbling." WHAT? Wasn't it OUR place to feel humbled, not him?
We've argued the misuse and definition of humbled many times at dinner parties. I don't think we've ever successfully convinced anyone of the correct meaning.I wrote to ASK MARILYN and she ignored it. You rarely hear humbled or humbling used correctly these days. If you Google commencement speeches you'll see brilliant academics, politicians and celebrities misusing it. I almost think Webster is going to have to change the definition.

Tom said...

I just specifically searched the web to see if anyone else gets as annoyed as I do about this, in the light of Obama's high-profile misuse yesterday. It's pernicious doublespeak, motivated by the falsest of false modesty. "Oh, I shouldn't say 'honoured', I might look big-headed, better say 'humbled' instead" - no no no just say what you mean!

Pablo Castillo Diaz said...

Like everyone else, I've been bothered by this for years, always bring it up with my wife, etc, etc. I really liked the comment that "humbled" is the new "honored". How funny that we all googled misuse of humbling and wound up here.


Anonymous said...

It's become politically incorrect to be "honored"; to imply that you actually deserved whatever honor has been bestowed, so all these people who disingenuously use that term are hoping those of us who know what the word actually means don't notice, and pandering to the rest. "Humbled" is what mediocrity feels in the face of greatness. Halle Berry said she was "humbled" to receive her Oscar. Come again? What she really meant was, 'whoa, I'm so thrilled I can't even see straight! I was wondering if you guys would ever give me my proper due!' But of course, she couldn't say that, or even something simple but gracious, like 'thank you'. Even to say "honored" is a risk in a society that celebrates mediocrity. Yeah, you're spot on. Pisses me off, too.

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