Friday, July 6, 2007

John Maine = Rodney Dangerfield

Ok, I'm going to try to write this post as if I were a a typical sports journalist. I hope you hate it as much as I will.

Remember the Maine? Well the All-Star voters certainly didn't, but after tonight's performance the Astros won't soon forget him. Maine who was snubbed not only in the fan and player voting but also by All-Star team manager Tony Larussa pitched with an all-star sized chip on his shoulder last night allowing two runs in 7 2/3 innings while striking 9 and walking only two. The polite Virginian farm boy wouldn't admit it, but being left out of the last chance vote in favor of several relievers and someone named Tom Gorzelanny, hurt as well.

Maine gets less respect than Rodney Dangerfield attempting a Triple Lindy. Sure there are other players that have legitimate gripes about being left off the team, namely Hanley Ramirez and Chris Young, but Young has since been named to the team, while unfortunately for Hanley there is a glut of great shortstops this year. At the time of selection, however, Maine had put up better numbers than selection Cole Hamels and similar numbers to Ben Sheets and Brad Penny. Maine also has been having a better season that Pirates starter Tom Gorgonzola or whatever his name is, yet inexplicably Maine was left off of the Final Vote ballot.

Let's all agree that the the All-Star selection process is faultier than the U.S. Justice Department. Fans often pick the big name player over the most deserving one. Managers (see Guillen, Ozzie) will select one of their own players as a show of loyalty. Also because at least one player from each team must be selected we get stuck with Freddy Sanchez, instead of the aforementioned Ramirez. None of this will provide solace to the pitcher nicknamed the Maine Event, who couldn't even make the undercard for this year's all-star extravaganza.

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