Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Garnett in Green

Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, and Ray Allen! A team with these three guys and a bunch of D-Leaguers would be pretty scary. Good thing, because that is essentially what they will be surrounded with.

To borrow a wrestling term, I am arguably the world's biggest Kevin Garnett mark. What is not to like about Garnett? He is 7 feet tall, is athletic as all get-out, shoots the ball well, handles it like a guard, is always in the top 3 in rebounding, plays outstanding defense, and is incredibly unselfish (perhaps to a fault). He never gets hurt and busts his ass every game.

Garnett's lone weakness, not always asserting himself on offense as much as he should, is offset by being teamed with a couple of conscienceless chuckers (I mean that in the most positive possible way). With the possible exception of Terrell Brandon, circa 2000, Garnett has never played with one guy as good as Pierce or Allen, let alone two. If the Celtics could find a hold down the fort Derek Fisher-type to play the point and a feisty prick of a big man, ala Mikki Moore,they would be the team to beat in the NBA.

Even though this move essentially 86es any chance of my Nets competing for an Eastern Conference Title, I'm happy to see this trade happen. I would be thrilled to see Kevin Garnett get a well-deserved championship. I'm tired of hearing people trash Garnett, because of his lack of postseason success. Skip Bayless just referred to him as Kevin Gar-not. I have never heard one of his critics address this issue; With which team should he have won a title? I think he will get one in the next two years.

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