Friday, November 16, 2007

What say you now Oregon fan?

With last nights loss and Dixon's injury, it is time to write DD out of the Heisman race. I think you already know who I think should win it. Since Dixon's numbers were statistically inferior to Tebow's, his Heisman hopes were inextricably bound to Oregon's Pac-10 and MNC title hopes. With all title hopes likely severed with one sharp DD cut in the first quarter, Dixon can kiss his Heisman hopes goodbye.

As compared to Tebow, the only thing that Dixon supporters had to cling to earlier was Oregon's won-loss record. Now with 2 losses, they can no longer say that Tebow is inferior to Dixon in any way. Both teams are out of the MNC hunt, both teams are likely to miss BCS games and both teams will probably finish in the 7-15 range in the polls. What we are left with is individual statistics, of which Tebow is comparably superior.

Any a$$hole who tries to make the argument that last night's loss should not be counted against Dixon's Heisman candidacy is a hypocrite and will serve as an advocate for the premise of my previous post. Before last night Oregon fans were counting Tebow's losses against him even though they could not be attributed to his play. You said that losses cannot support candidacy, they can only detract from it. I disagreed, but now you will be forced to defend the same criticisms you spewed. Before Dixon went down last night, we was looking electric; dare I say worthy of the award as the leader of a MNC contending team. Now that he has gone down and the team has lost, all that is left is a statistical body of work that pales in comparison. Unfair- yes. That was what I said and you shat on that. Enjoy crow. Trust me, the same thing would happen to UF if Tebow went down. Congrats on a great year Oregon and DD. Now go away. Every week a new candidate is dismissed, while one remains a constant.

It will be interesting to see who the hype machine contrives as the next contender. It is now incumbent upon Urban to make sure that Tebow brings this thing back to Gainesville. Out of respect for Tebow's contributions and for the sake of the program. Traditionally the award goes to the best player on one of the best teams. Perhaps this is the year that the award finally goes to the nation's best player regardless of team record or school class. This year there is no clear cut best team, only a clear cut best player.


ernest hemingway said...

it seems "all quite on the western front" here...

Greg Ostertag Body Spray said...

I don't get this post. I agreed with you orginally that if the season ended last week Tebow should win the Heisman, and clearly if Dixon is done for the season, Tebow is the overwhelming favorite to win it now unless something unforeseen happens. But how does Dixon getting hurt prove your previous argument was correct. I don't see how Dixon tearing up his knee makes someone who thought he was a better Heisman candidate pre-injury than Tebow "eat crow".

If Tebow breaks his arm on the first play Saturday and Chase Daniel proceeds to throw 8 td's a game en route to an improbable national championship appearance, Daniel will probably win the Heisman. That wouldn't make you incorrect in believing that Tebow should have won it prior to those events occurring.

If anything, last night's game strengthened Dixon advocates' arguments. Clearly, Dixon is as important to that team as Tebow is to Florida. They are equally important because both teams are great with them and extremely lousy without them.

I have no conclusion to this rant.

Heisman Committee said...


Tremont said...

Well said GOBS. I was thinking the same thing, while reading this post.

If Charlie Hustle were a political commentator in '68, he would have said the following:

"Where are all of these people who said Robert Kennedy would be the next president now? He isn't even alive. I said Nixon would win all along. Eat crow dummies!"

Charlie Hustle said...

My apologies for the lack of clarity. My point as synthesized is this:

Because Dixon was statistically inferior to Tebow and indistinguishable as far as value to team is measured, the only thing that Dixon had vaulting him to the Heisman forefront was his team's victories. Now with an even playing field as team significance on the national level, Tebow retains the edge as compared to Dixon due to better numbers. I was attempting to anticipate their argument "you can't pin that loss on Dixon last night because it wasn't his fault." If that argument was made, it would parallel the same assertions I made regarding Tebow's role in UF's losses. In sum, Dixon supporters who relied on his role as the star on a contending team can really no longer assert Dixon as a candidate because of Oregon's loss, and they are estopped from explaining away the loss as not being Dixon's fault because doing so would be hypocritical as it was contrary to what they were previously saying and directly in line with what my explanation of Tebow's candidacy was. Oregon's loss, not Dixon's injury, has leveled the playing field so that now we are looking at two individuals compared as opposed to comparing team accomplishments. Its not that it did anything more to make Tebow a more viable candidate so much as it detracted from Dixon's candidacy.

With all of that said, Dixon looked like a beast before he got hurt. It was a tough break; one I was not rooting for at all.

Tremont, why I am not surprised you chimed in to take a personal shot? That has been your norm as of late.

Tremont said...

Charlie Hustle, your statement would have been more accurate had you substituted "as of late" with "nearly as long as you've used words".

I am sorry to have perpetrated the single most innocuous personal shot in world history on you. I was all set to make a reasoned criticism, when I clicked on the comments page and saw the GOBS had completely stolen my thunder. Rather than be redundant, I took what I thought was a strawweight's jab of a joke at your expense. Had we been in the same room, I would have accompanied my statement with a nudge in the ribs and Uncle Frank's hair tussle to let you know it was all in good fun. Obviously my intended tone was lost in the text. If you prefer, I can take the sting out my smarmy remarks by adding a "jk" and a winking emoticon.

By the way, aren't you the guy who responded to my USF post with "Consult a map, dummy"?

Charlie Hustle said...

Touche *reaches in pants, pulls panties out of wad*

Sir William Blackstone said...

Estopped? Really?