Thursday, November 1, 2007

Discussing the Yankees

Once and for all, my take on the past several weeks for the Yankees
  1. Good riddance, Joe Torre. And for anybody who says it's going to be weird seeing him in another uniform, get a hold of yourself. Torre didn't have any association with the Yankees until his mid-50s. He had worn several different jerseys for the previous 35 years. Let's not make him Mr. Yankee. Oh and $5 million is an insult? Why isn't anybody giving him shit for being a money hungry jerk?
  2. Welcome, Joe Girardi. He was a good choice. Girardi has played with several of the Yankees veterans (particularly 3 key potential free agents). He was with the team as an announcer this year, so he is familiar with the new guys. He did a good job with a bunch of youngsters last year in Florida and he inherits a Yankees team going through a bit of a youth movement. It just makes sense on a lot of counts.
  3. Farewell, A-Rod. I have devoted more doting words to Alex Rodriguez on this site than any other topic. I don't blame him at all for opting out of his contract. He was treated like shit in New York. My mother always told me "Loyalty is a two way street".* A-Rod didn't get any from Yankees fans and he didn't show any in return. I will cheer for him to go 4 for 4 every time he comes to New York and for his team to lose.
  4. The Yankees absolutely must resign Posada and Pettitte. They should resign Rivera too, but if someone else offers him a 3 year deal they should let him walk.

* I have never actually heard my mother utter the phrase "Loyalty is a two way street". However, such a sentiment was probably a theme of many of my childhood and adolescent lessons. I don't remember. It was kind of a long time ago.

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