Saturday, November 24, 2007

Early Offseason Transactions

My reactions to the MLB offseason thus far...
  1. The Angels signed the infuriatingly spelled Torii Hunter to a 5 year $90 million dollar deal. That's too much money for too many years, but Hunter does fit a need for the Angels. Many are saying that this signing doesn't make sense because the Angels already have Vladimir, Gary Matthews, Garrett Anderson, Reggie Willits, and Juan Rivera to play the outfield. Well, outside of Vlad that group looks like a group of 4th and 5th outfielders to me. Kudos to the Angels for acknowledging that paying Gary Matthews and Garrett Anderson like stars doesn't make them so.
  2. The Angels traded SS Orlando Cabrera to the White Sox for P John Garland. On the surface a 3rd starter for an average starting SS is a fair exchange of talent. When looking at the context of the two teams, the deal is a bit puzzling. This seems to be a rare trade that makes both teams WORSE. The Angels already had a lot of depth in the starting rotation and the White Sox starting pitching is shaky. The Angels now lack a starting shortstop and the White Sox had just resigned their starting shortstop. I don't get it from either side.
  3. The Reds signed Francisco Cordero to a 4 year/$46 million dollar contract to protect leads they'll never have. Smart.

None of the other deals get my juices going.

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