Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Random NFL Thoughts

Before I start, I want to thank our new graphic artiste CmcD- the most talented drunken vegetarian I know. When the mood strikes him right, McD will be gracing SYHD with his sports-inspired graphical goodness. Think of him as a slightly less gay Leroy Neiman. Just wait until he releases "The Ron Ron". The world may never be the same.

That's enough for the intro. Now on to what you came here for. Typo-ridden, tense challenged blogging.

-A few weeks ago I made a bet with loyal reader Bobby Snyder that Kellen Clemens would finish the season stronger than Eli Manning. After Clemens' miserable Thanksgiving performance I figured Eli would clearly have the advantage after Week 12. Well I was wrong. Apparently the sibling rivalry in the Manning household translates to interceptions as well. Eli clearly did not want Peyton and his 6 interception performance upstage his legendary inaccuracy and thus did his best Cooper Manning impression. The Pouty One chucked four INTs, including three pick sixes (as the kids and Stuart Scott would say). Now everyone including GM Jerry Reese is throwing him under the bus. At least he'll always have squash.

-Boffo re-re-debut for Ricky Williams. I wonder how long it took Skip Bayless to make a medicinal marijuana joke?

-After careful consider, I think Peter King is right. Tony Romo does lead the league in smiles. You know who doesn't lead the league in smiles? This guy.

- The Redskins secondary suddenly has some holes in it (hat tip to Johnny Dakota).

-University of Miami has a recruit named Marve coming in next season. I wonder if his name is pronounced Mar-ve or Mav-ra. Regardless he better be a cocksure gunslinger or else I and Peter Kind will request our money back.

-[Edit] As a fantasy owner of Brandon Jacobs it's infuriating that he was the short yardage back last season and now gets replaced by Ruben Droughns on the goal line.

-Yeah, I got nothing else.


Kellen Winslow, Sr. said...

Told ya you don't pick safeties with a top 5 pick.

Jimer said...

The Bills will clearly have a leg up on the bleeding Redskins this weekend.

Jimer said...

I would love nothing more than to see Jason Whitlock trying to do the Souljah Boy. His lacktating nips might supersoak dat ho.

Bobby Snyder said...

Allow me to set the record straight, I am loyal reader of Tremont's posts- I occassionally give your dreck a quick glance. And why would you be infuriated by any decisions the Giants make, short yardage or otherwise?!