Sunday, November 18, 2007

Eight Overrated Ladies of the '80s (#3)

3) Blanche Devereaux (Rue McClanahan)
In the '80s a disturbing trend in popular culture began. Middle aged women got the notion that they could be just as sexy as the younger gals. Until this point in human history, relatively young grandmothers knew that men were no longer interested in their bodies. They had enough dignity to accept that their run as sex objects was over and behaved accordingly.

Blanche Devereaux of the Golden Girls, Mona of Who's the Boss?, and Joan Collins were the embodiments of this awful trend that continues to this day. I chose Blanche (Rue) for this list, because she didn't even display many remnants of bygone beauty. Somehow that didn't stop every male divorcee and widower in Miami from chasing her as if she were a white, post-menopausal Jackee.

Political correctness prevents us from being honest about older women. 40 is not the new 30. 60 is not the new 40. If you have issues with this take it up with your creator, or natural selection, or whatever. It is not sexist to state that older woman aren't meant to be hot. In fact it's probably a bit sexist to implicitly suggest that a gender's entire value is tied up in their physical attractiveness. When you argue that a 55 year old women is as beautiful as ever, you are doing just that.

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