Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Posada and Rivera

Jorge Posada just signed a 4 year, $52 million deal. Mariano Rivera appears close to returning to the Yankees for another 3 years at $45 million. Today Yankees fans celebrate. Two years from now, we will be praying that they go Cory Lidle on us.
These contracts are almost guaranteed to end badly. Both men are already defying the odds by dominating at their respective ages.

While Jorge Posada is coming off of his best season, at 35, it's a bit much to expect him to rack up huge numbers until he turns 40. Posada is my favorite current Yankee, but I probably would have let him walk if he asked for any more than a 3 year deal.

Mariano Rivera turns 38 in 2 weeks and started to show signs of slipping this season. Yet they are paying him like he is going to relive '04 to '06 in '08 to '10. Highly unlikely. Forget 2010; Mariano will not be worth $15 million next year. In fact, I would be very surprised if we ever get more than one more vintage Mariano season.

I can live with the Posada deal, although it's a year too long. The likely Rivera deal is bat-shit crazy.


Anonymous said...

You dont know anything about baseball dumb ass, you cant even make it through a 30 game season and youre 27. jorge is in phenomenal shape and rivera had 30 saves last year! kill yourself you seth rogen looking bastard

Tremont said...

Anonymous is either Claude, Arweiler, Wright, or Beaton. If it's Claude, Arweiler, or Wright, bat .200 in Stan Musial baseball over a full season and get back to me. If it's Beaton, how about you get one Bliss Bar Dodger out before they bat around 6 times, then talk trash.

Mookie said...

Boy, that one hit close to home.