Thursday, November 1, 2007

We Continue to Not Discuss the Yankees

"Playing grabass" and walking up and grabbing someone's ass are two totally different things.


Charlie Hustle said...

I would prefer that we not discuss not discussing the Yankees.

ancient chinese proverb said...

you can play basketball your whole life and never be a basketball player, suck one cock and youre gay

Rick Downs said...

Glad to see Mets fans giving the Yanks fans some time. Its only right, after the Yanks fans did the same for Mets fans in early October... oh wait...

I'll Wait for Mookie

Anxiously awaiting a semi-coherent Mookie rant or suicide. Either way, it's a win/win.

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Tremont said...

Good to see the former Yankees and Mets batting coach is keeping busy. Rick, I'm not exactly sure what your point is, except that you are knocking me. When I wrote that quote, it was in response to the greatest regular season collapse in the history of sports. Of course I wanted to hear from a guy who gets suicidal about such things.

Nothing that has happened to the Yankees has been nearly as dramatic. They lost in the playoffs, but not in stunning fashion. I am disappointed with A-Rod leaving, but it's not a shocker. I'm happy Torre is gone and relatively happy with the Girardi hire. I don't give a shit that Don Mattingly may not be playing any more Old Timer's Games. I am not that sentimental about that stuff.

If your point is that I should be writing more about the Yankees, you're probably right. But only you and like 4 other people care, so I'm not really sweating it.

Tremont said...

By the way the headline "Anything to Avoid Talking about the Yankees" it was a sarcastic nod to what Don Mattingly wrote in the comments section of the "Western Conference Preview" post.

It's not that it's too painful for me to write about the Yankees. I'm not looking for time to grieve. I just can't think of anything interesting to write about the recent events that hasn't been said a thousand times.