Thursday, November 29, 2007

Government Entitlements: Providing a Necessary Safety Net or Fostering a Culture of Dependency

The D-Rays traded promising young outfielder Delmon Young and some lesser commodities to the Twins for promising young pitcher Matt Garza (based on his last name alone, he should be able to pull off a wicked plancha) and a couple of other chips. This transaction is almost as fun as your average Earth Wind & Fire song. That sounds sarcastic, but I really dig EWF.

It's the Bizarro World Orlando Cabrera/John Garland deal, which made no sense for either party. You can't turn a corner in Tampa without bumping into a Major League quality outfielder, yet their pitching staff is Kazmir and pray the sky isn't clear. (I was so hellbent on getting a "Spahn and Sain" reference in there that I didn't care how strained it was) The Twins organization is brimming with young pitching, but needs to fill the hole Torii Hunter left in the outfield. You can't find two more compatible trade partners.

I wish more GMs had the plums to make these kinds of deals. They are usually either too in love with their own young talent or too scared to look bad.

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