Sunday, November 18, 2007

Tremont's Belated Take on the A-Rod Signing

I know that I'm bordering on buy-a-home-pregnancy-test late on this one but here is my two cents on the A-Rod signing. Much like the Posada and Rivera signings, this deal has the potential to get really ugly on the back end. As a Yankees fan I can't concern myself with such thoughts right now. Nor can I bothered with the debate over whether A-Rod was sincere in his passion for playing with the Yankees or if he was humbled because the market didn't pan out for him. I am just thrilled to have him back.

Personally I think it's a bit masochistic for Rodriguez to return to New York. Yankees fans will forever treat him like dog shit every time he goes on a 2 for 17 slump. God help him if he doesn't win a championship by 2013. By then he will have begun to show signs of decline and the Yankees will still owe him $140 for the following 5 seasons. If such a scenario plays out, I would place 50/50 on a Yankees fans assassinating him or driving him to suicide.

I think I just changed my mind.

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