Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Trying to Regain Blogging Credibility

Today, Don Shula proclaimed that an asterisk should be placed next to the Patriots 19-0 record if the Pats were to finish the season undefeated. What in the name of Larry Csonka are you talking about, you self-preservationist father of coaching failures.

Shula’s asterisk idea reeks of sour grapes. Even if we give him the benefit of the doubt that the Pats gained an advantage over the Jets in Week 1 by videotaping their signals (this is a big IF considering the fact that the Pats did not even have time to view the tape), do you honestly think for a minute that the 1-1,457 Jets would have beaten the 9,000-0 Pats? I didn’t think so. So any advantage gained by the Pats is certainly negligible when coupling the Pats awesomeness at scoring points with the Jets bend but break defense. ("Bend but break defense" is a registered copyright of SYHD.) Furthermore since Week 1, the League and the media have placed the Pats coaching staff under the microscope making it highly unlikely that they have been partaking in further chicanery.

Does Shula believe that past video taping gave the Pats a distinct advantage over the teams they have played? I know I'm putting words in his mouth, but I'm trying to figure out how the Pats taping of signals effected this year's win-loss total. I'm sure that every team the Pats have played this year have changed their signals from their last meeting significantly, thus negating any perceived advantage the Pats may have had.

I don't see any logical argument for placing an asterisk next to the Pats record. Hey Shula, I truly hope you choke on a NY Strip while dining at one of your steak houses as the Pats culminate their undefeated season by raising the Rozelle Trophy. Wow, somehow you have made a Jets fan almost want to root for the Pats.

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Jimer said...

Pot, kettle, nice to meet you. Funny how Shula has forgotten that his signing by the Dolphins in the early 1970's violated the league's anti-tampering rules and cost the Phins a first round draft pick. Shula went on to coach the undefeated Dolphins team a couple of years later. Should the Dolphins record be asterisked (word?) because the Dolphins cheated to get him? What about because the league only played 14 games then?