Friday, November 23, 2007

Phony Righteous Indignation

We're all upset about this? Really? Nick Saban used 9/11 and Pearl Harbor comparisons to inspire his team of borderline retarded juice heads and I am supposed to get all worked up. War was an operative analogy for football, long before anyone even uttered the phrase "Galloping Ghost". All of a sudden we're appalled because this reference hit a little closer to home?

I'll join the anti-Saban bandwagon on the following conditions:

Stop calling Bobby Knight "The General" and Avery Johnson "The Little General". It's insulting to compare men who train giants to put balls in baskets to the great men who keep our nation safe. For the same reason point guards shouldn't be referred to as "floor generals".

There are to be no more teams called Warriors, Trojans, and Spartans. All of these names serve to reinforce the false notion that sports are comparable to battle.

UMass must change its teams' names from the Minutemen. How can you compare a bunch of student athletes to the patriots who fought for this nation's independence?

The 76ers must also change their name, because shootin' hoops ain't shootin' Red Coats.

Remove the phrases "marching down the field", "the trenches" and "sudden death" from the football lexicon.

Or better yet, how about we all stop feigning righteous indignation about this nontroversy.

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