Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Petri-No Mas

Bobby Petrino is headed back to college game. He thought he was inheriting a contender with Vick and now he has a colossal rebuilding program in Atlanta. So he's bailing. I can relate. The moment anything in my life has gotten remotely challenging I have always quit on it.

What I can't understand is why he decides to sign with the University of Arkansas. If you want to go back to college football, how about putting a call into to the Michigan AD? I'm sure UCLA would be thrilled to have him. Honestly I'd even rather have the Texas A&M gig. Instead of arguably the most storied program in college football or the SoCal sun, he chooses to coach a mediocre program in an impossible conference in the flyover state to end all flyover states. What am I missing?

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Jimer said...

Much like me, the guy has always had a hard on for SEC football. I cant blame him.