Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Five Popular Sports Words for 2007

Every year certain terms make their way into the collective sports lexicon. These words rise from obscurity to usage ad nauseam by the likes of Dick Vitale and John Madden. For example, several years ago the term walk off home run came out of nowhere to become the most used term in Sportscenter history. 2007 was no exception to this annoying tradition. Below are my five most popular sports terms of 2007.

5. Pick-Six
Definition- the interception of a pass and subsequent return for a touchdown
Example- The Giants would have covered the spread if Eli Manning didn't throw three pick-sixes.

4. Motor
Definition- compensation for lack of size and skill with Najera-like energy and intensity.
Example- I know Marcus Fizer is a 6 foot 4 power forward. But we should draft him anyway because I love his motor!!

3. Clock the Ball
Definition- Intentionally incompleting a pass in an attempt to stop the clock.
Example- Did Chad Pennington just clock the ball in the middle of the 3rd quarter? No, that is just as far as he can throw the ball.

2. Dig Route
Definition- A pass pattern where the wide receiver runs a specific length down the field and the cuts in parallel to the line of scrimmage.
Example- Ashley Lelie refused to run the dig route unless the opposing safety agreed to not hit him too hard.
*Note*- This has replaced "skinny post" as John Madden's favorite route to explain.

1. Glue Guy
Definition- White guy with no discernible basketball talent who is invaluable to his team.
Example- Jeff Foster has yet to score a point this year, but he is a great glue guy.

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