Saturday, December 1, 2007

An Alternate Take on the Milledge Trade

Nas once said "Props is a true thug's wife". Props then to reader, friend, Jew, Mets fan, and truest thug I know, Oatmeal, for this take on the Milledge trade:

"I don't like the trade from a talent perspective, but at least the Mets will be replacing the biggest Jew in the league with the biggest anti-Semite".

Brilliant! It's sort of like the old maxim that you replace a players' coach with a disciplinarian (and vice versa). You replace a Jew with an anti-Semite. Last year's Mets right fielder, Shawn Green, refuses to play on Yom Kippur. Their new right fielder, Ryan Church famously had this to say about the Jews:

"I said, like, Jewish people, they don't believe in Jesus. Does that mean they're doomed? Jon nodded, like, that's what it meant. My ex-girlfriend! I was like, man, if they only knew. Other religions don't know any better. It's up to us to spread the word."

I haven't yet been able to confirm rumors that the Mets will be replacing David Wright with a Korean lady that waxes eyebrows.


Charlie Ward said...

I already ordered my Church jersey.

Mookie said...

This trade is going to go over well with the yarmulke wearing masses at Shea.