Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Cabrera to the Tigers

The gap between leagues just keeps getting wider.  While American League contenders are moving heaven and earth to improve themselves, their NL counterparts just stand pat or dump anybody making more than the league minimum.  The Miguel Cabrera trade assures that once again the top 5 teams in baseball (Sox, Yanks, Indians, Tigers, Angels) will reside in the American League.  For the third consecutive season there isn't a single Senior Circuit squad that would make the playoffs in the AL.  

The Tigers scored big time with Miguel Cabrera.  I don't care if he weighs 320 pounds the guy can rake.  Add him to a lineup already featuring Granderson, Sheffield, Ordonez, and Guillen and you have a juggernaut.  I'm not so optimistic about Dontrelle Willis.  I wouldn't be shocked if he settled into a back-end of the rotation guy for the rest of his career.  That's really all the Tigers need out of him though.  They have a nice rotation already with Verlander, Rogers, Bonderman, and Robertson.  

On the other hand, is there a greater injustice in sports than the Florida Marlins having two World Series Championships?   Their owners don't care and their fans don't care.  The Marlins exist simply to pocket revenue sharing and luxury tax money from the Yankees.  Then they bitch and moan that they can't compete with the Evil Empire.  It's actually quite a racket.  

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