Friday, December 7, 2007

More Free Agent Signings

Dodgers sign Andruw Jones to a 2 year $36 million deal. If the Dodgers are willing to banish last year's offseason mistake, Juan Pierre, to the bench I love this deal. The Dodgers should play Jones in center and Matt Kemp and Andre Ethier at the corners and have one of the better outfields in baseball. However Joe Torre's history suggests that he will find any excuse to ignore players who aren't old enough to run for the Senate. Pierre is probably going to play and be the least productive left fielder in baseball.

Brewers sign Eric Gagne to a 1 year $10 million contract. No me gusta. Gagne has pitched all of 67 innings since 2004; 67 Scott Proctoresque pretty decent innings. $10 million is a ridiculous amount to pay an injury-prone run of the mill reliever, coming off a dreadful stint with the Red Sox.

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