Wednesday, December 5, 2007

This Gui Makes Too Much llen

Elements of a boneheaded free agent signing

  1. Signing a player coming off of an uncharacteristically big year

  2. Signing a player who is aging out of his prime

  3. Signing a player who is unlikely to make the difference between contending and not contending, for the life of the contract

  4. Blocking a player who is younger, cheaper and could be comparatively productive

  5. Spending a huge chunk of money on a solid, but unspectacular player when you're on a very limited budget.

The Royals signing of Jose Guillen meets an impressive 4 out of 5 of these criteria (just missing #4). This ties the Reds signing of Francisco Cordero (which only lacked #1) for the dumbest free agent signing of the offseason.

There is plenty of time left for some dumb GM to go a perfect 5 for 5.


Tremont said...

Now add a probable steroid suspension for Guillen. Even worser.

Anonymous said...

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