Thursday, February 21, 2008

You'ld Think I'd Have a Decent "Kidd" Pun

You've gotta love this trade from the Nets' perspective. Jason Kidd was never going to part of another Nets contender. It's clear that the Kidd/Carter/Jefferson nucleus had gone as far as it was going to go. They can't draw stick figures with or without Kidd so it won't affect attendance at all.

Devin Harris is a terrific young player. Hollinger rates him as the best defensive point guard in the league and he is above average on the offensive end as well. It looks like Harris is on his way to a 6 year run as a borderline All-Star. Adding him to a core that includes Richard Jefferson, Marcus Williams, Sean Williams and Josh Boone gives the Nets an excellent young supporting cast, just looking for a star. Jefferson was born to be a championship third option. Josh Boone and Sean Williams are a dynamite young frontline, albeit the type that look a lot better on the offensive end with Kidd spoon-feeding them.

Hopefully the Nets can stink up the joint enough to fall into the lottery, because they are going to need to land a young superstar in order to really start cooking with gas. Obviously finding the great player is the hardest part. But I trust that Rod Thorn will be able to use chips like Vince Carter, Nenad Krstic, and the extra draft picks as chips to find that guy.

So it's obviously a big win for the Nets. And until reading the most recent Sport's Guys column I thought Dallas made out well also. I usually find Simmons entertaining, but rarely all that persuasive. However in this case, he brilliantly lays out why Kidd doesn't really fit the Mavs' personnel. I won't reiterate, click the link.

P.S. I'm thrilled not to have to look at Kidd's creepy son anymore.

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