Friday, February 22, 2008

Rotten Little Brat

The children in the top reading group in my class are starting "Diary of a Young Girl" next week. Having never read it before, I expected to be heart-broken by poor Anne Frank's story. But after reading the first twelve pages or so, I'm starting to think the bitch got her comeuppance. She's such an unlikeable little cunt; crowing about how all the boys were jockin her and how much smarter and prettier she was than the other gals. Anne you weren't cute, even when you were properly nourished. Nobody likes a snobby little braggart.


Jimer said...

This post makes me fucking sick. Even my humor knows some boundaries.

Tremont said...
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Tremont said...

Duly noted

Tremont said...

Now I feel a little guilty, Jimer. Thanks for being a spoilsport. Of course it was a horrible thing to write, but in my defense.

a) The whole thing went down 64 years ago. She either would have died of natural causes by now or had one foot in the grave.
Supposing I had some top shelf Joan of Arc material. Would that be off-limits as well?

b) My take was so over-the-top evil that I felt it was impossible to take seriously. Of course I don't think that a little tween vanity makes a person deserving of a horrific premature death.

c) You're entitled to your own boundaries. Tremont's statements do not necessarily reflect the opinions of everyone at SYHD (or even my own, in this case).

d) She really was a little full of herself.

The Big Lead said...

We're never linking you sick hacks ever again. Lose my fucking e-mail, mookie.

Skip Bayless said...

Hey, you're as funny as I am when I try to make the impossible point. I hope some kid shoots up your class.