Wednesday, February 20, 2008

My Apologies To Omar Minaya

I've been sitting on this story since New Year's as I wanted to wait for a more timely time to apologize to Omar for bashing his trade of Lastings Milledge. I'm still not happy that the Mets only received a offensively challenged catcher and a fourth outfielder, for the former Mets top prospect, but based on the following story it's apparent that Omar was right to trade the man I affectionately nicknamed Blastings Thrilledge.

A friend of a friend (reliable I know) has a friend who is friends with Lastings Milledge. Got it? This friend of a friend who has a friend (herein referred to as "Friend") hung out with Lastings and his crew in South Florida sometime during the holiday season. Friend is a Mets fan and chatted with Lastings about baseball. Lastings informed Friend that his true love was music and that he only played baseball because he was naturally gifted at the sport. Milledge aka LMillz stated that he did not really care for baseball and has no inclination to improve through hardwork, such as watching video of his at bats, shagging extra fungos, or taking additional batting practice. He is content to simply go as far as his talent will take him and that's it.

If Milledge is willing to divulge his lack of work ethic to a random twenty-something, I doubt it was much of a secret within the Mets organization. Perhaps, they thought that Milledge would outgrow this immaturity, realize the "Bend Ya Kneez" may have been the worst rap song ever produced, and actually try to reach his potential. By the time the Mets came to the conclusion that wouldn't be the case, similar word had probably spread to other front offices, and thus the trade market for Milledge was greatly depressed from what it once was. Though his natural talent may make him a more productive player than Ryan Church, Omar was right the deal someone who has no inclination to improve.

On a side note, Milledge told Friend that next time he was out on the town with the Milledge (what I assume he refers to his posse as) he was going to hire a camera crew to film the night's festivities. Always a smart idea.


MP said...


John Peterson said...

Is this "Friend" reliable?

Mookie said...

As far as I know it's a true story. My friend is reliable, but I can't vouch for his friend.

Drew said...

It goes against a lot of what I read early on about Milledge.

Then again, the same media that claimed he was some intense baseball-loving freak sure turned on him quickly, so I don't really know what to believe.

Maybe he's a big a$$hole. Who cares? He seems to be pretty fired up to be in Washington, now that he'll be playing full time.