Friday, February 22, 2008

Floating Bonds

I've heard several of the San Francisco Giants talking about how great it is that Bonds isn't around anymore. "He's a distraction, a cancer in the clubhouse, blah blah blah." Terrific, now you can lose 100 games in relative obscurity. Enjoy.

From a strictly selfish reasons, I'm happy not to be bombarded with stories about Barry Bonds anymore. But I try to be more reasonable than romantic in my sports analysis. With that said there are two teams who should be dialing Boras's phone as we speak. Both the Blue Jays and the Mariners need Bonds desperately to get over the hump. First of all, even if he doesn't help the team (which he will), the guy will undoubtedly boast either team's attendance (particularly Toronto). Second neither team has a truly fearsome masher in the middle of their order. Both teams need another lefty bat. Bonds solves both of those problems. Finally there's nothing dumber than spending a crapton of money for a team that is probably going to hang around on the periphery of contention, just to fall a little short. The M's and Jays have a high payroll anyway. What's another $10 or $12 million if it puts them in the playoffs?

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