Thursday, February 21, 2008

Lots of Pieces Move; Very Little Changes (The Cavs/Bulls/Sonics Trade)

The Cavs just pulled off the best trade of the '03-'04 season. Adding a prime Ben Wallace, Wally Szczerbiak, and Joe Smith makes Cleveland a serious title contender.

But seriously folks, I don't think this helps the Cavs all that much this season and certainly does nothing for their future title aspirations. Ben Wallace serves no function anymore. Joe Smith is just another guy. Delonte West looked like a very nice player in his first couple of seasons, but has regressed in the past two. He has been a non-factor on a bad basketball team. Not a good sign. Wally Szczerbiak can still shoot the lights out, but he's probably the least agile swingman in the league. He should still be helpful in small doses.

I actually sort of like this trade from the Bulls point of view. Dumping those old forwards was addition by subtraction. Wallace has been an old, expensive, unproductive malcontent for the Bulls. Plus he is blocking a bunch of unskilled, offensively challenged, younger energy guys. I have always liked Drew Gooden's game, although his numbers indicate that he suffers from Roy Hibbert's Disease (a little known condition that causes a player to be productive only when Tremont is watching him).

Obviously this is a straight salary dump for the Sonics. I'm neither here nor there about the trade from their perspective

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