Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Nashty, I couldn't disagree more

Did a elderly white woman take over the Suns organization? "They're offering me Shaquille O'Neal? He's the guy they call Shaq, right? I saw him on Regis and Kelly. He is really big. He seems like a nice guy. And not too bad looking for a colored guy. Let's get him."

This deal is a disaster for many reason. Most importantly, Shaq is not all that good at basketball anymore. The lone remaining strength of O'Neal's game is his post-up offense. Unfortunately the Suns are the last team in the world that can accomodate these strengths for two reasons. First the Suns are at their best when running, not waiting for lumbering giants to set up shop in the lane. Second with the Suns his touches in the post will come at the expense of Amare Stoudemire; a decidedly better offensive player at this point.

Sure he brought a depressing Boober-esque presence to the otherwise happy Fraggle Rock type atmosphere in Phoenix. But Shawn Marion was such a huge part of what the Suns did. He could ably guard the 2 through the 4 positions, rebound brilliantly, and outrun every other power forward in the league down the floor.

This trade was an act of desperation by a team that had no reason to be desperate. Last season the Suns may well have won a title, if not for some of their best players foolishly leaving the bench during a fight. This year they have the best record in the Western Conference. Why panic? Sure the Lakers improved themselves by adding Gasol. But the Suns style of play could really have given the slow, defensively challenged Lakers fits. Were Gasol and Bynum going to stop Marion and Stoudemire from leaking out on the break? Not a chance. By adding Shaq, the Suns are commiting to slowing the game down, thus completely playing into the Lakers hands. Phil Jackson must be smiling right now.


Alec Baldwin said...

The only argument I have seen in favor of the Suns trade is, "I trust Steve Kerr, he must know what he is doing."

It is that kind of kool aid drinking that led us into a quagmire in Iraq, impending death by global warming, and disaster in New Orleans.


Greg Ostertag Body Spray said...

Here is what I don't get. Clearly, the Suns needed help on defense. So what kind of sense does it make to trade on of the best defensive players in the league? Some will argue that because Stoudemire is so bad on defense, the Shaq trade will better allow the Suns to defend teams like the Spurs because Shaq can defend Tim Duncan. I find it ridiculous to think that Shaq will be able to defend the Spurs' screen and roll.

For the sake of argument however, let's assume that Shaq is able to better guard big centers. That means against teams like the Mavericks, you will have Shaq leaning against Erik Dampier, while Stoudemire, whose awful defense is the supposed reason for the trade in the first place, will be forced to guard Dirk Nowitzki. How does this help at all?

Bill Simmons said...

Talent doesn't matter. It's all about Charactalexability or whatever garabage concept I came up with between namedropping and tired Karate Kid references.

Anyway, I don't see anyone beating the Celtics. Tune in Friday to my 3 hour podcast where I discuss the C's with my dad.