Sunday, April 6, 2008

Up(ton) With People

The Uptons, Manny (Bossman Sr.) and Yvonne should just start breeding children, as people do with former race horses. Their two sons, Justin and B.J., were picks Nos. 1 and 2 in their respective drafts and are poised to become stars (B.J. is just about there already). They both will likely make over $100M in their careers, and some of that money will surely go to their parents, to make sure they live a comfortable lifestyle. I would gladly pay upwards $100,000 to get me some Bossman Sr. sperm and Yvonne eggs. I would then make sure that kid would have the best coaching/training money could buy. Even if the kid is not as good as his biological brothers, I can still live with raising an early round draft pick.

Of course the deal will be null and void if a chick is sired as there is absolutely no money, excitement, and/or pride in female athletics.

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Jimer said...

Spectating womens sports is like watching old people fuck.