Thursday, April 24, 2008

NBA Western Conference 1st Round

Lakers over Nuggets (in whatever I said before): It's become fashionable to shit on the Nuggets for their inability to play defense (particularly on the perimeter). Obvioiusly this is a fair criticism. But consider if they were playing in the Eastern Conference. They would be a second or third seed, mopping the floor with either Philly or Toronto, on their way to a coin flip second round match-up with the Pistons. No team's public perception would benefit more from a change of conference.

Hornets over Mavs (IWISB): Were it possible, I'd be willing to have Chris Paul's baby. I can't think of a decent sports analogy for his playoff debut. On impact alone, I can only compare Paul's postseason performance to Ryan Atwood's arrival in the O.C. (sorry, that was too "Sports Guy). If Paul continues playing like he has in the first two games of the Dallas series, the Hornets can realistically skip three years of growing pains and win a Championship this year.

Jazz over Rockets: I got nothing.

Suns over Spurs: I'm sticking to it. God just owes the Suns a little bit of luck.

Yes I got lazy with this post. However writing about these games was preventing me from watching them. If you feel ripped off, I'll send you your money back.

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