Monday, April 21, 2008

NBA Eastern Conference Playoff Preview (Expanded Edition)

Celtics over Hawks in 4:
Besides Mike Bibby,who they acquired at mid-season, the Hawks 6 best players are natural 3 or 4s. If the Hawks' executives were playing Nintendo's Ice Hockey they would select an entire team of middle size guys.

Pistons over Sixers in 5:
I should probably revamp this prediction to a six game series at this point. A few points on yesterday's game. I come out of that game more unimpressed with the Pistons than I am impressed with Philadelphia. The only Sixer who really played well was Reggie Evans. By the way why hasn't that son of a bitch found a home yet? He's an animal. Evans needs to be playing 33 minutes a night for a serious contender. And Jason Maxiell is a Reggie Evans clone. (That's a compliment).

Magic over Toronto in 6:
The Raptors are poised to have a run like the Hawks did in the mid-90s Lenny Wilkins era. Sure they have enough talent to be one of the 4-6 seeds for the next several years. But they are never going further than that. I'm curious as to whether Dwight Howard will leave this series as a sure-shot top 10 NBA player?

Cavs over Wizards in 7:
The Wizards certainly have a legitimate shot. This pick is strictly a show of faith in Lebron, as the Wizards obviously have the second, third, and fourth best players in the series.. The fact that these teams hate one another makes this the best series in the East.

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